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There comes a time in our lives when it becomes more painful for us to stay mired in our old habits than to step outside our comfort zone and risk the unknown as we journey toward finding our true voice. Your true voice is the language of authentic fulfillment, joy, and happiness. While speaking your true voice, creativity flows, fears subside, and peace of mind prevails.

Let G. Brian Benson help you find your true voice while sharing his. Straight from his heart, all of these stories, poems, and thoughts played an invaluable role in his own personal growth experience. May they provide a guiding light to areas that are reawakening inside of you. May they give you permission to move forward, speak your true voice, and let your inner greatness out so that it may shine for all to see. It will be the best thing you ever did for yourself and the world.

Finding Your Voice was an award-winning Finalist in the Indie Excellence Book Awards as well as an award-winning Finalist in the Self-Help (Journals and Quotes category) of the USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.

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  1. Free to be yourself
    In his latest book, Brian Benson tells you over and over, in many different ways, this same simple message: to become the person you want to be and live a fulfilling life, you must first look inside yourself. Accepting yourself, knowing yourself, listening to yourself, believing in yourself, and guiding yourself along the path that you know is right for you, is your task.

    Benson uses aphorisms, poems, and essays to make this one valuable point in so many ways that you can’t miss it. Finding Your Voice is a book you can come back to whenever you need reminding that you are free to make of your life whatever you choose. What those choices are belong only to you, but the starting point to acting on them is universal, and is found in this beautiful new book.

    I highly recommend it to you.

  2. Uniquely You
    I was drawn to this book because I believe our self expression and our own unique story, our true voice, are so important for us to find, explore and then to get confident around and comfortable with.
    Finding the confidence and inspiration for my own expression has been a lifelong journey and this is a wonderful book of living examples, techniques to use, motivation and inspiration to help take the steps in your own life.

    I like that this book offers practical action steps that are achievable because realistically, we all need guidance and motivation that is do-able 🙂

    Throughout the pages are the wonder of Brian’s poems and quotes, really delightful words that on their own are creative inspiration and a truly lovely read.

    I recommend Finding Your Voice as a part of your growth and awareness through practical guidance, motivating stories, inspirational ideas and heartfelt writing – all wonderful ways to stand in your own story and for celebrating your own voice, uniquely you!

    Enjoy 🙂

  3. Pure Gold!
    G. Brian Benson is a solid Gold Author, Speaker, Musician and Film Maker. In “Finding Your Voice” like all of the gems he shares with the world are little nuggets of pure joy that he continues to share with the world. “Finding Your Voice” is a wonderful book because it is simple and yet comprehensive. It is light hearted and also very deep. I love this book because it can be a quick read or part of my daily meditation practices. There is something for everyone in this book whether you’re young or old or doing ‘ok’ or not so ‘ok’ in life. I highly recommend this as well as any other gems G. Brian Benson offers.

  4. Very inspirational!!
    Brian’s book is filled with poems,quotes and short stories that our very inspirational for any one going through some transitions in their life or for anybody desiring to make a change in their life. Brian shares his own life experience of going through a major life change and he shares his story in a very positive and enlightening process. His book helped me recently while going through some difficult but much needed changes in my life. By reading his book I was able to put myself in that positive frame of mind, face my fears of change, and make those changes. It is an ongoing process, but I can refer back to Brian’s book at any time for continued inspiration. By sharing this part of his life, Brian has helped me to realize that change is possible and it is never too late to reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

  5. An Easy Read
    What I enjoyed most about Brian Benson’s “Finding Your Voice” was its simplicity. With self-help books, we want effective tools that can be learned and incorporated into our lives easily. This is a fast read but nonetheless loaded with important information and stories that everyone can relate to. Brian brings a calmness that helps us with our everyday problems. I highly recommend this book and plan on leaving it on my coffee table for quick reference!

  6. Great REMINDER!!
    Every night after dinner, one of us opens the book randomly and reads it. It reminds you of some truths forgotten! Thank you for this wonderful book!!

  7. Thank you!
    What an inspiring read! You truly spoke from the heart. It was divine guidance that led me to finding this amazing book.

  8. Brian has a truly unique voice in getting this beautiful message across
    Finding Your Voice kept me reading, cover-to-cover, in a single sitting.

    I could feel Brian’s love as he let me into his world, like reading pages out of his journal, while he delivered his message.

    Brian covers life improving anecdotes in a way that no other book in this genera does. The most interesting aspect for me are the poems by Brian that summarize and reinforce the ideas within.

    This is a must read and an excellent gift for anyone looking for practical inspiration.


  9. By discovering his own voice G. Brian Benson helps us to do the same
    It is so easy to give in to the negative thoughts and words that surround us each and every day, but to do that is to forget that each of us were created for a specific purpose and with particular gifts. What we have to do is walk in that purpose and use our gifts to shine a light in the world.

    For G. Brian Benson this meant that he has to pay attention not just to what he did but what he told himself. In the book FINDING YOUR VOICE he is able to help us all to realize the power that comes from knowing that your being here is no mistake and that we all have something to add to the world.

    I enjoyed the way that over the years Brian was able to realize not just what he had to offer the world but the greatness that comes from sharing. Many feel as though it is all about what you get, but he has realized and helps us to see that the real blessings in the world come from how much you are able to give.

    This giving can come in many forms but one of the most valuable is our time and energy to help create the kind of world we say we want.

    In FINDING YOUR VOICE you are sure to find inspiration to not just discover your own path but share with others how they can do the same.

  10. Delicious, Delightful, and Wondrous
    I was blessed with reading Brian’s work as well as to interview him on my International Radio Talk show!

    He is a delightful writer as well as guest. I enjoyed his work and am looking forward to seeing where he takes his readers next!

    In Gratitude,
    Rustie MacDonald
    Celiac, Single Mother, Motivational Speaker and International Radio Talk Show Host.

  11. Will Help You Believe in Yourself and Pursue Your Passion and Goals
    G. Brian Benson’s book will help you believe in yourself and give you the courage to passionately pursue your Definite Purpose and goals.

    It is a refreshing easy read that will get you thinking and acting in a more purposeful way.

    You will be a better person for reading it.

  12. Very different, practical and easy to read
    I really enjoyed this different approach with stories and poems that were thought provoking and enjoyable to read. This book is not only filled with inspiration, but it’s written in a way that proves Brian has lived these experiences. Worth reading!

  13. Authentic beauty and inspiration in a single package
    G. Brian Benson was a special guest on my radio show, and what struck me the most about him is his authenticity and down-to-earth nature. “Finding Your Voice” is an expression of Brian’s nature. My favorite part? The quotes and poems. A great deal of inspiration can be found in a few words! This book uplifted me and inspired me to continue pursuing my calling. It was also a great reminder that the time to find our voice isn’t five years in the future, but now.

  14. Enjoy the journey
    Brain is one of the most humble, encouraging, and transparent people you’ll come across. A true servant leader.
    Take your time going through his content. Enjoy the journey.

    Joel and Dr Pei
    Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch

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