Steve The Alien


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“I’ve been to twenty-one planets and five different stars

When I leave here from Earth, my next stop is Mars.

But to answer in miles, I haven’t a clue,

I finally stopped counting at five billion and two.”

– Steve The Alien

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On a routine walk to school, Zeke encounters more than he bargains for when a lovable space alien named Steve unexpectedly visits him on Earth while on a grand scavenger hunt through outer space! Young readers will enjoy this fun rhyming journey that teaches them the importance of sharing and to be accepting of new friends.

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  1. Steve the Alien is a BLAST! It’s a wonderful story, filled with imagination and out of this world illustrations. A must have for any child who enjoys making new friends, and imagining far off worlds.

  2. It is absolutely Wonderful <3
    I just got my copy today…It is absolutely Wonderful <3...I highly recommend it for kids and grand kids...the pictures are Amazing ,3

  3. Really enjoyed Steve the Alien
    Really enjoyed Steve the Alien. It’s fun to read, great rhyming, and best of all some good positive messages. My son and I enjoyed reading this together. The illustrations are fantastic.

  4. Loved it!!!!!!
    A charming and cleverly written story together with fun illustrations , this would make a perfect Christmas gift

  5. Showing Children That Old School Geek Is New School COOL!
    Steve The Alien is a fun Illustration book that teaches many lessons…from facing fears to the importance of sharing, and most importantly, accepting others for their own unique being. Not only is this book great for young readers, it even strikes a chord of emotion and awareness for the adults sharing the story with their children.

    Make sure to consider this book for your Christmas stocking stuffers as well as adding it to your child’s reading list. You will be glad that you did!

    -Michelle Colon-Johnson
    Founder of 2 Dream Productions, Inc.

  6. Great for EVERYONE on the planet!
    Steve the Alien is a BLAST! While it is written with ‘out of this world imagination’ it hits HOME by warming your heart. It is a wonderful reminder for kids AND adults to open our minds and hearts to the possibility of making new friends. This book has the fun Dr. Seuss style rhyming mixed with the heart warming feel of Mr. Rogers. The illustrations go perfectly with the story line to give the reader an animated, yet realistic feeling that is like your best friend wrapping you with a hug in a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer. Buy this book for every child, teenager, and adult on your Christmas list; they will love it and cherish it forever!

  7. Steve the Alien–a Cool Guy Name for an Even Hipper Alien and a Totally Fun Pre-Holiday Romp!!!
    Such a fun book! Part “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” via its rhyming cadence, 1/3 Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and a Bizarro World Cinderella/Cinderfella this book could give any conversation betwixt Elliott and E.T. a run for it’s money! A perfect Holiday gift for any child in your life–or the child in yourself who wishes to either go to outer space, or be visited from it!

  8. Steve the Alien is a super fun read that is lighthearted and shares a positive message of letting go of fears, being open to the new and having fun too. I highly recommend for a fun read for the whole family. Xo

  9. Great learning lesson, great story!!
    A soon to be classic in children’s books!!! truly reminds me of Dr. Seuss. Mr.Benson made a great learning lesson on sharing and making new friends. Loved it so much bought one fir the grands and after receiving I bought another to give away for Christmas.

  10. This book could not be more adorable
    I bought this book because the author is a friend of mine (albeit one I have never met in person) and I wanted to support a fellow author… Often this does not turn out too well and you have shuffle around and look away when asked how you liked their book! But this is not the case for “Steve the Alien”. I absolutely loved it. I love children’s books in rhyming verse.. very Dr Seuss, but this one has a gentleness and wonder that many of the “Cat in the Hat” series does not.. It’s bright and kind and full of love. I found myself pacing the house and reading it out loud to no one in particular. It made me want to stand up and celebrate life! Thank you Brian for such a lovely inspirational book…

  11. I love how the story line flows like a poem
    I love how the story line flows like a poem. This flow makes it very entertaining and easy to follow along. The illustrations are bold, bright, and match perfectly with the story. I can’t wait to see what my students think of this book. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

  12. Fun-to-Read Rhyming Adventure
    “Steve the Alien” is a fun-to-read rhyming story that teaches kids to share. Perfect for families and kids who love aliens, adventure, and alliteration. 🙂

  13. LOL!
    I’m 45 and it made me laugh out loud! I bought a copy for my super smart five year old niece for Christmas.

  14. This is an amazing rhyming book that I read to my grade 5 class today and they LOVED it! It’s not only good for younger readers but is also loved by my 13 year old son, myself and my fellow teacher colleagues. I look forward to sharing this story about friendship, sharing and trust with every class I teach in. Cheers Brian! Keep shining your bright light light. I look forward to future books. <3

  15. I bought Steve The Alien for my neice. Although she is only 6 months old, she loves the big colorful illustrations and the texture of the book. I look forward to her understanding the great meaning to this story. Well done G Brian Benson and thank you for bringing this story to life.

  16. I bought Steve The Alien for my 6 month old niece. She loves the colorful illustrations and the texture of the book. I look forward to her understanding the true meaning of this wonderful story in the years to come. Thank you G Brian Benson for bringing this amazing story to life. Well done

  17. CUTE!

    I just loved this!! It’s clever, engaging, and very well written. My one-year-old loves to stare at the cover and artwork, but what I’m really excited for is the day he’ll understand its message: to be accepting of others who may be a little (or a lot!) different from him.

  18. Steve the Alien is a MARVELOUS book!!

    ‘Steve the Alien’ by G. Brian Benson is a wonderful book! The messages it gives to children, and adults, are so important today – to accept others different than we are, not to let fear guide us, and to share! The rhyming text makes the book a joy to read, and the illustrations are exceptional – bright and full of wonderful detail! This book is a perfect holiday gift – or a great gift anytime. Children and adults will love reading ‘Steve the Alien.’

  19. What a wonderful story. It’s just as inspiring for adults as it is for children. I’d love to see more books from this author.

  20. Love Steve the Alien

    It’s a lovely book that’s has a great story line and wonderful illustrations. We need more books like this that challenge our young to think outside the box and look to the skies so to speak. Although I bought copies for my grandkids for Christmas I couldn’t resit getting one for myself. I look forward to reading in over and over as I anticipate Steve’s return..:-)

  21. Steve The Alien is a great touching rhyming with a touch of heart. I enjoy reading it, its right next to Dr. Seuss. A beautiful touching and yet heart warming. It will make a wonderful animated movie!! Good for the Holidays!

  22. Very uplifting Author! Check out his other stuff for Adults.

  23. A very fun book! The kids love it (and so does grandma!) Excellent illustrations – Highly recommend

  24. Brian shows compassion and kindness in all his works, this book especially. I purchased it for my grandson who love aliens and will enjoy the meaning in this well written story 🙂 Kudo Brian !! As Always
    Colleen Johansen

  25. This delightful book by G. Brian Benson is a wonderful combination of lively rhyming prose and a meaningful message embedded in the story. Not unlike Dr. Seuss, Steve the Alien reminds us to share, be open, to make new friends (even if they are different form ourselves). It’s a perfect early reader and children often remember words when they rhyme better than when they don’t. I have given this book to a beloved set of twins (who are now drawing pictures of Steve and Zeke) and they LOVE it. It’s fun to read, the illustrations are fantastic and I cannot recommend this book enough. For children and for the child in all of us! “Happily expect the unexpected.” writes G. Brian Benson. I look forward to many more books by this author.

  26. An absolute must have for children! Adorable!!

  27. I know Brian. I worked as editor on a project in which a story of his was featured. But, his book, “Steve the Alien” was unknown to me until its launch. Does the fact that I know him make me biased? No, it doesn’t. At the core of my purpose as an inspirational/motivational writer, is transparent honesty. I can’t lie. Or show bias. That’s just not who I am. So, that being out of the way…this book is an excellent example of acceptance, giving and bravery. It’s an adorable story told in rhyme that is lovely to hear read aloud. In this story, a child has to overcome his fear of the unknown to learn about someone new and interesting. It also encourages ease in selfless giving to children in a fun and magical way. It’s just right for teaching children the “right way” to be – accepting others for who they are, giving freely from their heart and being brave enough to make a new friend who is different than themselves.

    As for the physical book…it’s adorable! It’s the perfect size for kiddos hands, the illustrations are colorful and interesting and they tell the story all on their own. I will be giving this as a gift for the holidays this year, and keeping one for myself!

  28. Absolutely LOVED this book!!!

    Received this as a gift last week….Absolutely fantastic!!! Loved it to last page.

  29. This is a MUST! *GO STEVE*

    Great story! It is beautifully and artistically crafted. If you are searching for that Christmas gift for the child who has everything? This is IT! It’s a delight cover to cover. Why not buy it and read it together as a family, over and over again. I can’t say how much I LOVE that the word “vex” is used in this story!!!! It is like a dictionary lesson to boot! And you can’t let them take out electronics to look up the definition, does anyone still own a dictionary???

  30. An adorable story about making sure you embrace others, face fears and be open to change. There is also friendships found in the most unexpected places and teaches some important lessons. There is an abundance of heart and characters that are so very sweet. I also love how it was written, such imagination and creativity.

  31. Cool. My little nephew enjoyed the story and the great illustrations. I read a review that said the book was flimsy, but it was fine. It’s actually harder than paperback.

  32. All the Elements!

    My grandkids love this book. Such an interesting yet endearing story!

  33. What a fun book!

    My 8 year old loved it..and so did mom! My son thought it was funny that the alien needed the boys shoes. He’s ready for a sequel. It’s a great and easy read. Loved the illustration too!

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