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Patience During the Learning Process

Self-growth isn’t easy and it can be very frustrating and embarrassing (trust me I know), but It’s sure worth it. It takes patience; unconditional love and honest communication aimed at yourself as well as to those you are journeying with. I truly think there is no greater gift you can gift to yourself or to a loved one than to be open, honest and willing to explore those areas that we aren’t whole in.

Falling Back into Grace

The world has been challenging lately, especially for those of us who are teachers and mentors and trying to live as examples of positivity and light.
Well, it can happen to the best of us, but I let myself drift into a kind of darkness.

Video Discussion – Moving Forward during tough times.

  22 minute video chat that I had with John Masiulionis on his  Spotlight Series show Empowered by John! I hope you enjoy this heartfelt chat discussing moving forward during tough times and knowing that we are enough. Click to Watch!        Spotlight Series Interview...

It Even Rains in LA…

You know, it can be really hard to stay positive when life rains down on you unexpectedly. However, I’ve always tried to expect the unexpected, and stay open. I also always try and stay positive no matter what. Well, that’s not always so easy. 

I had recently been living in my place for about a year. I loved it. One day, the owners decided to put it on the market and it sold within the first week! Suddenly, I had to find a new place within 45 days. Well, okay. Not convenient, but not terrible. 

Creating Self Awareness

Knowledge is power. As we learn, grow, and become more self-aware our world opens up in amazing ways. It’s an ongoing process. We are here to learn and grow and when we are open to that, our lives become much more enjoyable and free. There are always people and situations that come into our lives at just the right moment to help us learn, if we pay attention and listen.

But what if, even when we are trying to always listen from our heart, we just can’t hear the message? What if we find ourselves “bumping into walls” so much that we can’t figure out what it’s about? What if all we feel is our limitations?

Taking a Step Back

It's been a while since I've written. It's not as if I didn't want to, but something would always come up, feel more important, or need immediate attention. I admit there were also plenty of times when I just didn't feel like it, or feel like I had anything to say. I...

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