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My Computer is a Metaphor for Life

I sit here staring at the blank screen of my new computer. It feels light and clean, weightless and present, not unlike how I feel after I meditate or go for a walk. Spacious. It feels like a deep breath. It feels like possibility. Why didn’t my previous computer...

What Motivates You?

The training, the race, and my goal of having him finish with me, all came together perfectly. Was it my fastest time or sharpest race? No, and it didn’t matter one bit. I wasn’t doing it for that reason. I was doing it for my son so that we could bond, have an experience, and maybe plant some seeds of inspiration.

What Every Child Should Hear…

Moon Child - Click to Watch I hope you enjoy this brand new children's story of empowerment and visualization! Cheers, Brian To learn more please go to  

Embrace the Pause

It's easy to feel good about things, and positive and optimistic about one's future when things are going well. But it's a whole heck of a lot harder to do that when we go into a dip in the proverbial roller coaster. I like to call this phase the Pause. Just like the...

Riding on the Freeway of Love

Living in Los Angeles and having to navigate the busy freeways, highways and city streets, I found that this daily ritual offers a great opportunity for me to focus on the art of giving.

Each day I’m given the choice to let people in front of me. Or not. Kind of like the opportunities we are given in life to help one another.

The Moment of Commitment

“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.”
-attributed to Goethe

I can really relate to this. Early this week, I saw an ad for a local 6 week cross-fit class at a gym near where I live. Instantly I got an intuitive hit that I needed/wanted to do it.

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