Welcome to the Habits for Success Podcast! This show is for people who are looking to be inspired, find their direction, tap into true fulfillment, achieve personal success and reach their highest potential. With each episode, Brian will be interviewing authentic, successful, high achieving people from all walks of life to learn about the habits and routines that they have created to propel them to achievement and success. You can expect to find authors, athletes, artists, actors, entrepreneurs and more sharing their top habits, strategies and ideas to help you move your goals and intentions forward!

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Welcome to the introductory episode of “Habits for Success the Podcast.” Host, award-winning author, actor, 4x Ironman triathlete, coach and TEDx speaker, G. Brian Benson shares his story as well as goals and what to expect in future episodes. You can expect a lot of interesting and entertaining discussions as he chats up inspiring, creative and thought-provoking authors, athletes, actors, artists, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life as they share their stories, success habits, struggles and wisdom that propelled them to their own unique version of success. Be prepared each episode to be inspired, learn something new and have some helpful takeaways that will provide insight, empowerment and tools to live YOUR best life! www.gbrianbenson.com
Brian interviews actor/comedian/writer Samba Schutte who stars in the new NBC comedy “Sunnyside,” created by Kal Penn. Schutte is Dutch-Mauritanian, was born in the Sahara Desert and grew up in Ethiopia until the age of 18. Schutte is also known for playing Kareem on the Netflix film The Tiger Hunter, having written for acclaimed video game Battlefield V as well as being a writer and correspondent for the Dutch version of “The Daily Show” called De nieuwste show. Residing in Los Angeles, Samba continues to perform stand-up comedy next to his acting, voice-over and motion capture work. www.sambaschutte.com

Episode 3:
Musician/Composer/Producer Chuck Wild

Episode 4:
Opera Singer/Actor/Coach Abigail Wright

Brian chats up composer, producer, keyboardist and creator of Liquid Mind Chuck Wild about the importance of creativity, recovery, conflict resolution and meditation. Chuck shares his incredible story of creation, growth and recovery. You won’t want to miss this inspiring and fun discussion from the creator of the amazing meditative music brand Liquid Mind and former keyboardist for the 80’s group Missing Persons. www.liquidmindmusic.com
Brian chats up Metropolitan opera singer, actor and transformational coach Abigail Wright about her journey of creativity and the obstacles she had to overcome and the lessons she has learned to attain her dream of singing opera at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City and to now give back and help others as a transformational coach. You won’t want to miss this inspiring and fun discussion! To learn more please go to www.abigailwright.com

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