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Boldly Say YES!

Yes is such a simple yet powerful word. It can transform lives, move mountains, and change the world. Saying yes isn’t always easy but it’s worth it. To say yes requires trust. Trust in yourself; trust in the hunches that you are receiving and trust that you can accomplish whatever you are saying yes to. More than likely it is something that you haven’t had the opportunity to do before. And that involves risk. I knew that I was headed in the right direction if something felt both “scary and fun.”

True Faith is…

To love yourself when you don’t feel lovable or worthy. To trust that there is possibility and greatness within you while you are still searching for a way to express it. To take that small step forward when all feels hopeless and lost. To open yourself up to the...

Go Love and Be Loved…

Love is a word that has so many layers of meaning. Yet when it is used in the context of “finding love” or “falling in love” a lot of us tend to picture the rosy little bubble of the perfect Hollywood movie ending. There are so many ways to share and fall in love, yet we have been trained it has to look a certain way. And while the perfect Hollywood ending would be awesome and amazing, it holds many of us hostage from exploring and finding love because we hold out for the perfect situation, person or ending.

The Most Important Things in Life

    I recently had the pleasure of being asked to contribute an answer for the online magazine UpJourney. I think it is a great question to ponder. I hope you enjoy the answers that were shared in this article and that they lead you to think about and ask...

My Computer is a Metaphor for Life

I sit here staring at the blank screen of my new computer. It feels light and clean, weightless and present, not unlike how I feel after I meditate or go for a walk. Spacious. It feels like a deep breath. It feels like possibility. Why didn’t my previous computer...

What Motivates You?

The training, the race, and my goal of having him finish with me, all came together perfectly. Was it my fastest time or sharpest race? No, and it didn’t matter one bit. I wasn’t doing it for that reason. I was doing it for my son so that we could bond, have an experience, and maybe plant some seeds of inspiration.

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