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In addition to getting ready to launch the new podcast “Habits for Success”, Brian has had the pleasure of being a guest on over 200+ radio and TV shows. Brian loves sharing his experiences of self-growth, empowerment and stepping out of his comfort zone in hopes of inspiring others to take action and do the same. If you feel like Brian would be a valued guest on your radio or TV show, please feel free to reach out and contact him.

Brian was the kind of guest I could interview forever. He was prepared yet not “canned.” His responses were thoughtful, insightful and inspiring. And his message resonated with me, and I’m sure our Mind Flipping audience. In the short time we chatted I felt, and I’m sure my audience did as well, that we really got to know a deep, authentic and kind man.
Rick Paddock

Host, Mind Flipping, Tools and Tips to Renovate and Update Your Mind and Life.

Brian was a guest on Last First Date Radio, and the conversation was energized, informative, and inspiring. I highly recommend you book Brian for your podcast. Your audience will thank you!
Sandy Weiner

Women's Empowerment and Love Coach, Host of Last First Date Radio and The Woman of Value Show

Radio and WebTV Interviews

Help You Become You

by The LIFE CHANGES Show, Radio Show #560 | with G. Brian Benson and Musical Guests Burbank High School Choir’s Sirens, and Gentlemen’s Octet


by Exploring Possibility | with G. Brian Benson

Habits For Success

by John Livesay | with G. Brian Benson

Get Yourself the Job

by Jennifer Hill Show | with G. Brian Benson

Seizing the Life You Really Want to Live with G. Brian Benson

by Sean Mooney | Upside of 40

EP8: G. Brian Benson

by Christina Rasmussen | How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Into A New Life

Jessica chats with author G. Brian Benson

by Jessica Jarmer | The Practical Vegan Mom

Habits of Succss with G. Brian Benson

by Chase McGee | The Winning Brand Podcast

G. Brian Benson (LITE) - Author, Filmmaker & Actor

by Abigail Wright | The Peace of Persistence

Be Yourself to Free Yourself

by The LIFE CHANGES Show, Radio Show #385 | with G. Brian Benson and Harold Payne

How to use social media to build business connections

by Cloris Kyle with Brian Beson | on 11/24/2018

Habits For Success: Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar

by Justin Honaman | ContenderCast

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian at the beginning of 2019. Brian tells an uplifting story of courage and success. Brian will inspire you to take action no matter where you find yourself on your life’s journey. He humbly describes how he consistently and decisively breaks through personal barriers.
Dr. Steven Cangiano

Relationship, Development and Transformation TV Network

G Brian Benson was one of the most engaging, fun, smart, and enjoyable interviews I’ve ever done. After receiving his “Habits for Success” book, I just couldn’t put it down. Candidly it is 1 of only 2 cover to cover “must reads” for me in the past 2-3 years.
David Brower

Hos, Your 20 Minute Podcast

Brian has a strong sense for leadership concepts and principles and knows how to match positive energy with making a difference in the workplace. Brian’s leadership principles are useful across the spectrum of large companies and small – startups to established businesses. Brian’s insights on intuition, life decisions, and balance are useful to any person looking to make a positive difference and were also very helpful to my listeners.
Justin Honaman

Host, ContenderCast Podcast


Authority Magazine on 12/25/2020

G. Brian Benson: Getting an Upgrade; How Anyone Can Build Habits for Optimal Wellness, Performance & Focus. 

Authority Magazine on 2/28/2020

G. Brian Benson: “Here Are 5 Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Dramatically Improve One’s Wellbeing”

Authority Magazine on 11/19/2019

Rising Star G. Brian Benson: “Why we need a movement toward more self-love and self-acceptance”

Authority Magazine on 8/12/2019

“I think a great place to start is to let go of judgment and show more compassion toward ourselves and others” with G. Brian Benson

Authority Magazine on 5/4/2019

“Why you should ‘Happily Expect the Unexpected’ in order to be happy.” with Author G. Brian Benson and Marina Kostina

Thrive Global on 3/19/19

Masters of the Turnaround: “Boldy say yes” with G. Brian Benson and Jason Crowley

Authority Magazine on 1/23/2019

Sports Stars Making a Social Impact: 4x Ironman triathlete G. Brian Benson on the importance of being easy on yourself

Jolita Kelias on 1/5/2019

I Am Here to Empower People” – Interview with Author and Filmmaker G. Brian Benson on 11/21/2018

50 Inspirational Quotes From The Book – ‘Habits for Success’ By G. Brian Benson

VoyageLA on 08/21/2018

Meet G. Brian Benson

Huffpost on 11/28/2017

Actor and Award-Winning Author G. Brian Benson Happily Shares His L.A. Freeway Experiences & Personal Journey to Inspire Others

Copa Style Magazine by Jules Lavallee

Brian Benson
Actor/Author/Film Maker

Interview With Author G. Brian Benson

Spirituality & Health

Habits for Success
Getting to Know G. Brian Benson

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