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In addition to currently co-hosting the Internet radio show, Let’s Get Real! Thursday’s @ 9am PST on with Jamie Dawn and the soon to launch podcast “Habits for Success,” Brian has had the pleasure of being a guest on over 100 radio and TV shows. Brian loves sharing his experiences of self-growth, empowerment and stepping out of his comfort zone in hopes of inspiring others to take action and do the same . If you feel like Brian would be a valued guest on your radio or TV show, please feel free to reach out and contact him.

Radio and WebTV Interviews

Be Yourself to Free Yourself

by The LIFE CHANGES Show, Radio Show #385 | with G. Brian Benson and Harold Payne

How to use social media to build business connections

by Cloris Kyle with Brian Beson | on 11/24/2018

Trust Your Intuition with G. Brian Benson

by Shaska Hanna-Ra (No Name Brand Podcast) | on 05/06/2018

G. Brian Benson - Author, Filmaker & Actor

by Abigail Wright (Peace of Persistence Show) | on 11/30/2017

Interview with an Award Winning Author, Speaker, Actor and Coach G. Brian Benson

by Reading with Your Kids Program | on 11/16/2017


Jolita Kelias on 1/5/2019

I Am Here to Empower People” – Interview with Author and Filmmaker G. Brian Benson on 11/21/2018

50 Inspirational Quotes From The Book – ‘Habits for Success’ By G. Brian Benson

VoyageLA on 08/21/2018

Meet G. Brian Benson

Huffpost on 11/28/2017

Actor and Award-Winning Author G. Brian Benson Happily Shares His L.A. Freeway Experiences & Personal Journey to Inspire Others

Copa Style Magazine by Jules Lavallee

Brian Benson
Actor/Author/Film Maker

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