Can you see your light inside you?
It shines both day and night
Leading you both near and far
Keeping your path in sight.

Can you feel your light inside you?
As it courses through your veins
Inspired greatness housed within
To share for all to gain.

Can you taste your light inside you?
Flavored sweet and pure
Water, land, and truthful food
Grant energy and cures.

Can you hear your light inside you?
As it speaks to you in song
Guiding you to flow each day
Helping you stay strong.

Can you touch your light inside you?
Compassion, joy, and heat
A tender kiss, a warm embrace
Rituals to be complete.

Can you sense your light inside you?
It’s spoken from within
Hunches, feelings, heartfelt signs
Giving life a whole new spin.

Will you trust your light inside you?
Your gifts, your being, your core
True greatness lie in wait
To be shared, enjoyed, explored.

Copyright G. Brian Benson 2011

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