Your Voice

Your voice creates a ripple
Over land and well beyond
Truthful words vibrate lifted
To create a loving bond

Your voice can be your freedom
Or your voice can be your hell
Mindful heed in word and thought
Send forth love and light to gel

Your voice can give permission
To another seeking truth
Authentic, centered living
Tap’s into eternal youth

Your voice can be the difference
To set a young child free
Loving words to encourage
A model for them to be

Your voice is your ready key
To unlock your truthful worth
Spoken pure, life now renewed
Energized, loving, re-birth

Your voice gives inspiration
For those afraid to speak
Reassuring tones shared true
Helps others gain their peak

Your voice is a kindred link
When spoken face to face
True connection eyes unite
Before texting took its place

Your voice is your true freedom
When it’s spoken from the heart
Intuition’s guiding path
Helps you play your destined part

Your voice is fundamental
For all life and love to flow
Empowered, valued, perfect
Painting a worldly glow

G. Brian Benson 2012

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