Searching For Happiness

A New Short Film Showing You How to Find Happiness Within

Telling a story that shares the importance of helping others and the fulfillment and joy that comes with serving in this way, is what I had in mind when I wrote my new film, “Searching For Happiness”.

People chase happiness in many ways and often never find it. I feel rewarded when I give without expectation of receiving something in return and when I experience random acts of kindness and I sought to convey this message in the scenes of the film. By using the black and white/color dichotomy along with a simple and powerful piano score it is my intent that each viewer be moved by the deeper level of the message and fully understand the meaning by the end of my short film. I also dipped my toes in the old silent film genre because I am a huge fan. With the invaluable help of the amazing young filmmaker Nye Green ( who was the director of photography as well as co-director I am truly happy with the finished piece.

Synopsis: An unhappy man, alone and unloved, struggles to find meaning in his black and white reality. Over the course of a day, he learns that it is through kindness and our connection to others that we find true happiness.

“Searching for Happiness” was picked up by Gaia (Conscious Media company) to air on their website as well as to be part of their Spiritual Cinema Circle subscription program. We are very pleased and honored to be able to share this film giving it a much broader viewing demographic!

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