I just had an audition today for a play that I almost didn’t go to.  For some reason…I wasn’t feeling my normal confident self and began to be very fearful…so much so that It almost kept me home. It was one of those times that no matter how many pep talks I gave myself or looking back with confidence from all of my past successes made any difference.  But…deep down I knew if I didn’t show up to the audition that I would have much more disappointment and regret inside of me…than if I went and performed poorly because I was nervous or not confident this particular day. I then made a decision to just show up authentically…in a vulnerable state and all. Whether I get the part or not was insignificant compared to stepping into my fears.  I certainly didn’t expect them to show up this morning but they did and I eventually met them head on.  Because I took that step I can add this experience to my foundation that is becoming more and more solid each and every day.  Had I not showed up…my foundation wouldn’t be as strong and I would have had to live with the regret of not showing up for something that took only 5 short minutes of my life….but will no doubt positively reverberate for years to come.

Copyright G. Brian Benson 2014



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