“Awareness is the first step toward personal freedom.”  – Don Miguel Ruiz

Knowledge is power, pure and simple. As we learn, grow and become more self-aware our world opens up in amazing ways. We stop repeating harmful, never-ending cycles, we let go of others who aren’t impacting our life in a positive, loving way and we get unstuck from our inaction of not knowing our true path. The beauty of being self-aware is that it is an ongoing process. We are here to learn and grow and when we are open to that task our lives become much more enjoyable and free. There are always people that come into our lives at just the right moment to help us learn; if we pay attention and listen. That is the key -paying attention to our daily interactions with people along with the self-talk that comes along with it. There is always a wealth of information coming through us at any given time.

When we find the areas where we keep “bumping into a wall” so to speak we can take a step back to figure out what it’s about and why it keeps popping up. The intention is that by becoming aware of our limiting patterns, we can stop the same reoccurrences of pain from happening in the future. This pain may occur because we are letting our ego get in the way, or because we’re playing the victim card or due to the negative, hurtful company we keep or even because of our own lack of self-esteem. The good news is – these are all areas we can improve on and even eliminate in our lives. Self-awareness helps us have healthier relationships (most likely because we aren’t looking for our partner to make us happy -we know that it comes from within ourselves), it lets us understand where our fears come from (which in turn will help us release them) and it allows us to take flight to make a positive difference in our lives, as well as in all of the lives we touch. 

As I work on my own self-awareness, I work to be in what I call the “observer” role. What this means is that I simply step outside of myself and watch my daily interactions from a distance -like someone standing next to me who is watching me in action. It helps me be rational and get to the core of the areas that I need to be more self- aware in. Since I have been working on myself for quite some time, I am able to draw on past experiences which I have filed away, and have allowed me to really get to know myself. This knowledge in turn helps me be a better me as I go through the second half of my life. Stuff happens to all of us, but it is our level of self-awareness that allows us to flow through it more easily and comfortably. 

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