Love is a word that has so many levels of meaning.  Yet when it is used in the context of “finding love” or “falling in love” a lot of us tend to picture the rosy little bubble of the perfect Hollywood movie ending.

There are so many ways to share and fall in love, yet we have been trained it has to look a certain way.
And while the perfect Hollywood ending would be awesome and amazing…it holds many of us hostage from exploring and finding love because we hold out for the perfect situation, person or ending.  And you know what…that doesn’t exist like we are meant to believe.  I will tell you what does exist…and that is there are millions of people out there walking around who want to love and be loved that aren’t allowing themselves to be.

To fall in love or be in love isn’t a mythical romantic movie formula but a series or progression of individual moments that move us toward a deeper level of love.  It could be with one person for the long term or it could be with a number of people as we chart our path… love expresses itself in many different ways.  Some people want to hold out for that “perfect love” in the form of a soul mate but that will more than likely lead to disappointment and unfulfilled expectations…not to mention way too much pressure in trying to conjure up a Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. And while this is all going on…that person closes themselves off to expressing and receiving love in the mean time.  And truth of the matter is…we are all “soulmates” or expressions of God/Source/The Universe.

If you hold out forever waiting for the “one” you may never find any form of love at all. And that is really sad because love is our true essence and we are wired to be in it, move through it and resonate to its vibration.So why not practice and allow it to flow in its many different forms.  If it is meant to last with a particular person then it will last, if not that is alright as well.  You will have learned about yourself as well as loved at a deeper level.

Allow yourself moments each and every day to fall in and share love with a friend, yourself, someone you just met or your partner. That will open up your channels and lend yourself to a higher vibration of love in all its many wonderful splendid forms.  Just like the Crosby, Stills and Nash song says, “love the one your with”.  Set your fears, expectations, and judgments aside and open your heart up to others.  Let go of your old stories of what love is and how it should play out.

Loving moments or the potential for loving moments are all around us every single day.  Immerse yourself in them, allow yourself to be vulnerable, let go of the expectation of where they might lead. That just takes us out of being in the moment.  Let it unfold naturally. Trying to control the situation will only lessen the joy of the moment as well as potentially sever the connection.   Allow yourself to learn and grow with an open heart as you gain self awareness through a loving, communicative openness.

Find love, share love and be in love with yourself and others.  Come on in…the water is fine!

-Copyright G. Brian Benson 2013


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