If you are anything like me, you find yourself in what feels like a holding pattern from time to time.  At first it really used to bother me…I felt like I was standing in concrete and had nowhere to go even though I desperately wanted to move ahead.  I used to try to push, pull and force myself forward even though my energy and creativity appeared to be on vacation. 

After many repeated attempts of trying to “work” through this phase and accomplishing absolutely nothing; I finally got it.  I finally received the message that was coming through loud and clear, even though I had had trouble hearing it for so long.  I was being told to take a break, rejuvenate and get centered.  Not sure why it had taken me so long to finally understand what was going on…but I think my somewhat driven nature wouldn’t allow me to see it.  Once I finally understood what was going on and allowed myself to relax into this holding pattern so many things became sharper and clearer to me.   

We have all heard the terms, “addition by subtraction” or “less is more”.  They should definitely be on the Mt. Rushmore of wise sayings. I know that once I embraced my need to take a break and be OK with it, a few really cool things started to happen.  First of all, I felt much more relaxed and at peace with myself.  I realized the importance of regenerating and was excited to get myself back to my creative, energetic self.  Secondly once I relaxed and bought into this rejuvenation phase I also noticed a lot of guilt I had been carrying around in regards to my need to be working all of the time went away. 

How did I spend my time as I backed off and allowed myself to regenerate?  Lots of things…I went hiking, I watched movies, and I went to my favorite coffee shop with a book and left my computer at home.  All the same things that I tried to do while I was grinding away…except this time without the guilt attached that told me I should be working instead.  Big difference!  And you know what?  That difference is what allowed me to regenerate and re-fill my proverbial cup.

Taking a break could be the best thing you ever did.  I know that many of us have been taught to work extremely hard to reach our goals and advance in our companies.  I know that achieving things does take hard work…but I would like to think that that mindset is changing a bit as people are beginning to work smarter instead of blindly working harder just for the sake of working hard.  And I realize that some of us work extra hard to appease that part inside of us that feels the need to validate ourselves.  I know that I have been guilty of that in the past. 

There is more to life than work…and as you take a physical and emotional break from your work, explore that which you want to explore.  Enjoy without guilt what it is that you enjoy.  You will be happier, you will be re-energized and when you do go back to work, you will more than likely find what you produce to be more creative, focused and productive.  

Trust that taking a break is going to be the best thing you ever did for yourself.   Listen to your intuition when you feel tired and your creativity isn’t flowing like it normally does.  It’s not the end of the world…actually it is a blessing in disguise.  Spirit is telling you to slow down, relax and be in the present moment.  I am at the point where I no longer fight taking a break.  I look at it as a well-deserved rest and imagine myself continuing to move forward toward my intentions and dreams which in all actuality I am.

-Copyright G. Brian Benson 2014


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