Who could possibly be afraid of success?  Believe it or not, more people than you think.  We are trained from a very early age by our parents, families, peers and society that there is a comfort in familiarity.  You know…go to school, find a job, get married, have kids, raise them and then retire.  And what this training does to us is create habits in our lives that can sometimes be very hard to break.  Especially if we have very close ties to our parents, families and peers.  Now I am not saying that the route I just described is not right for you.  We are all here to learn and there are many different paths to acquire said learning.  And there can be much love and joy following this particular route.  But what I am saying is that many of us are held back from moving forward and living out our dreams and goals because of the way we were taught and the habits that we have formed that were passed down to us.  The way that old habits get in the way of achieving success is pretty simple.  Many of us have been taught by our loved ones (and they were as well) that happiness and fulfillment comes from fitting into the societal mode that I described earlier.  And unfortunately that sometimes clashes with the information that we are receiving from our heart and intuition.  So, many of us are caught in a situation of feeling like we are letting our loved ones down by following our heart.  Make sense?  It’s a big game of tug o’war between our hearts and following our dreams against the guilt and fear of letting our loved ones down. 


Unfortunately many people are afraid of breaking that habit or learned way of thinking and never step out and live their dreams.  It’s quite sad actually.  If this sounds like a situation you are struggling with please know that you can still follow your heart and receive the love and acceptance from your families, peers and friends.  I know this from personal experience.  For 11 years (from 1997-2008) I managed a family business.  I give thanks for the experience because it has made me who I am today, but it wasn’t what I truly wanted to do.  I always felt that I wouldn’t be doing it forever and knew one day that I needed to leave and do something on my own.  That day came in 2008 when my father and I sold our business.  I was lucky that he understood my need to be on my own and follow my heart into writing and speaking.  Not sure if he thought it a smart decision, but at least he understood.  For most of the time that I was there running the business I felt some guilt and fear about the feelings I was having about wanting to do something else.  In my mind I tried to make sense of it by saying, “wow, I was given this great opportunity to co-own and run my own business.  What a loving gesture by my father.”  And it was a loving gesture.  But my heart was telling me other things.  It was telling me this wasn’t fulfilling to me and that I needed to follow my true path.  So you can see where sometimes it can be a bit tricky to follow ones heart.  I have so much love for my family and it got in the way a little bit of me being my true authentic self.  But in the end it always must be that way. 


It is basically fear that is holding everyone in that position of believing it has to be a certain way.  Break that myth!  By showing them strength and honoring your gifts and intentions it will help them break the chain of fear and misunderstood ways of thinking.  You don’t have to afraid of success.  Like I said before it is your birthright!  Be a trailblazer and show your friends and family that is it ok to step outside the old ways of thinking and be successful and shine!          ————————————————–

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