One way that we can learn a lot about ourselves so that we can move forward, is to pay attention to how others treat us.  Are you being treated with respect, courtesy and love; or with indifference, disrespect and disregard?  I realize this is a bit of a harsh question, but I feel it is very important to think deeply and clearly about it.  The information you can gather and learn from this question could truly set you free!  I would like you to focus on the fact that the way others treat us is a mirror of how we feel about or treat ourselves.  This is very much in line with my saying we all have the need to love and be loved.  If we are neglecting ourselves (not loving ourselves unconditionally), how can we expect others to love and respect us? 


If the way others treat us is a reflection or mirror of how we treat ourselves, then we really must take a closer look at how we treat ourselves.  I want you to be hyper-aware of this.  I would love it if you could dedicate some time to think about and process how you truly feel about yourself and how others treat you.  Dig deep and trust your intuition (answers).  If you find some things that make you uncomfortable, please don’t be afraid.  You are on the right track!  Pat yourself on the back and be proud of the fact that you are showing yourself the love that you deserve!  

You are worthy and you are worth it.  Just imagine how much better you will feel allowing yourself to emulate your true loving nature.  Not only will your life be more fulfilling, the love that you show yourself will be like a bright, shining beacon for all to see.  And believe me when I say, that when your light is shining, it will allow others to shine back and show you the love and respect that you deserve!  It will be the same love that you are proudly showing yourself.   

Copyright 2012 G. Brian Benson

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