Do you have a dream that you want to accomplish?  Of course you do.  So have I.  We all have goals and dreams.  What is your dream and what is holding you back from attaining it?  Is your dream at the forefront of your existence or has it been tucked away and forgotten?  Well, for starters let’s get it back into your mindset and honor that it is something that is important to you and that you believe in.  It isn’t going to manifest itself.  It needs fuel!  Your dream is calling out to you and saying make me a part of your life.  Think about me!  Believe in me!  Bring me to fruition! 

How can we feed your dream?  What is the fuel that will make it go?  First of all you need to believe in your dream.  You need to make it feel important and that it has to be a part of your life.  I mean you need to taste it!  I want you to imagine what your life will feel like when your dream becomes a reality.  Will it make you feel happy?  Satisfied?  Fulfilled?  Of course it will!  You know what else it will do?  It will give you the confidence to make another goal or dream become a reality.  Why is this?  Because you will have the momentum flowing from your initial realized goal or dream.  I think you can see where this is going….each successful accomplishment will breed a stronger confidence within yourself which will lead to more success!  Before you know it, you will be living a life of true fulfillment and actualized dreams.  What more could you ask for? 

What is your dream?  I know that you have one.  Every single one of us has a dream or dreams.  I want you to realize your dream!  I want you to test yourself, believe in yourself, listen to your intuition and live your dreams just like I have!  We are wired to live a magical life!  It is our true nature to follow our dreams and meet them with success.  I will ask you again….what is your dream and what is holding you back? 


My Dream 

I have a dream, that your dream came true

That your world has changed, and you’re enjoying the view

Your sun shines brighter, your confidence grows

There’s a bounce in your step, your life is in flow


I have a dream, that your dream came true

Your ideas and vision are shiny and new

Your belief in yourself comes straight from the heart

Never again will it be, separate or apart


I have a dream, that your dream came true

By following your heart, you’ve been given your due

Your intuition is cherished, trusted and right

Your future lay sunny, inspired and bright


I have a dream, that your dream came true

That you’re in control and have all the clues

You’re an inspiration to others, as you play your true part

You live from your center, and you lead with your heart


Copyright 2009 – G. Brian Benson

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