Do you have a special place that you like to go to get away from it all?  A place where you can release the mindless chatter and thought patterns that can fill your mind with doubt, anxiety and fear?  A place where you can rest, regenerate and reconnect with your higher self?  A place that helps you remember who you are and what you are capable of?  If not, I would highly recommend it.  Here are a few suggestions to help if you are looking.

A room in your house –

I remember as a young kid, how I used to love to retreat to my bedroom and get lost in all of my hobbies and interests.  I had meticulously decorated my room with posters of my favorite sports and music stars.  I could get lost for hours looking at or organizing my favorite baseball cards while listening to records and dreaming.  There are no limits on what you could do with a room in your house.   Put up your favorite art, make a small altar with meaningful mementos, set up a small bookshelf next to a comfy chair and make your own personal library or meditation retreat space.  The options are endless…just make it your own.


My special spots usually end up being in nature.  Thinking back to all of the different places I have lived, I have always found a place that I enjoyed hiking to and be rewarded as I would sit back and relax and let my worries just roll off into the earth.  Minto-Brown Island Park in Salem, Oregon…Tahoe Rim Trail while living in Reno…Calico Basin west of Las Vegas and Griffith Park here in LA.  Each place offered me the tranquility and connection to nature that I needed to get out of my head, let my intuition flow and know that everything was going to be OK. I am grateful for each and every one.   I would highly encourage everyone to do the same thing.  Not only does being out in nature help me relax and clear my mind…it also helps me get some exercise and that’s important as well for life balance.

A favorite vacation destination-

How about a vacation destination that continues to give you happy memories and allows you to “turn off” for the duration?   Although you wouldn’t be able to access it as conveniently as a room in your house or a hike in nature, getting away for a period of time at a favorite vacation destination can be a very valuable tool in waking your system up and treating it to the joy, rest and happiness that it deserves.

Listening to your favorite music-

This can be done anywhere.  Just grab some earphones and your favorite music and escape into your own happy place.   Music has always played an important part in my life.  Whether I was listening, meditating to it or playing my guitar.

Pick up a book-

Pick up a book and get lost in it; nothing better than letting your imagination come alive as you bring a book to life in your mind.  And just like music, the beauty of a book is that you can read one and take it with you practically anywhere.

With all that is going on in our lives, whether it be work, family, tough decisions etc… it is imperative that we have a place to go and fill our tank with positive, perfect and loving energy.  It will not only help us navigate the flow of our lives, but it will help us find life balance and allow our intuition and inner guidance to come through stronger.   Take these suggestions listed above or come up with some of your own to create your happy place.  Anywhere that brings you happiness, regeneration and peace of mind is all that is required.

Copyright G. Brian Benson 2014



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