I want to share a very inspiring story about my brother in law John.  You see I had known John for about 15 years and thought I knew him pretty well. He was a friendly, hardworking, quiet kind of guy who I had always enjoyed a few laughs with and enjoyed being around, but never really had any deep conversations with.  Well recently my sister sent me a text and asked if I had seen the poem John wrote and posted on Facebook.  I had not I replied, but I told her I would take a look.  When I got around to reading his post, what I found left me very touched, inspired and blown away.  John’s authentic poem shared a lot about himself…his thoughts, his inner work and his own path of wanting to improve himself.  I suppose it touched me so much because I totally felt the raw authenticity behind it and felt a kindred spirit who also was dealing with a similar issue.  I myself have struggled with being totally open about and sharing my life for others to see and judge.  I am at times a bit introverted just like John.  I am also a pretty private person.  Yet I feel like it is my life purpose to open up and share my stories in hopes of inspiring and helping others to move forward in their lives.  There is nothing more inspiring than seeing another person step out boldly and sharing something they are going through.  It gives the rest of us permission to do the same. Thank you John for your honesty.

You Don’t Know Me, But We’ve Met

When you walk into the room you never look shy

A spring in your step a gleam in your eye
I just can’t be like that, I don’t even know why
It’s not because I’m unwilling, or that I don’t try

A inherited trait, perhaps that much is true
You didn’t know my father, but he may have known you
For he was quite shy, but not at all sad
His name was Tom, but I called him dad

I’m trying to change, come out of my shell
Expose more to the world, but it’s tough as hell
Next time we meet, I’ll work harder to smile
Perhaps lower my defenses, even chat for a while

As I crawl toward the light, searching for that new lease
In the puzzle that’s called life, this is but the first piece.

John Andrew 2012

Copyright 2012 G. Brian Benson

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