Ever have that feeling that it was time to move on from something?  Could have been a job, a relationship or even a way of life that you had been living that didn’t work for you anymore?  I remember feeling very strongly four years ago that it was time for me to leave the family business.  It had provided me a nice living and some security, but I just felt like I wasn’t growing there anymore and that scared me. My life had lost its spark.  I knew I had to leave.

Although I was a bit apprehensive at first having this familiar door close and leaving behind all that I knew…the beauty of life meant that another door was soon about to open.  So I put my trust into the intuitive hunches that I was receiving and stepped into the unknown.  And you know what?  It was the best thing that I ever did for myself.  After selling the business, I found myself living in a new city near my son who was about to enter high school.  Really getting to know him the last four years has been the highlight of my life.  In addition to bonding with my son, I was able to find a new voice with writing and honoring the gifts that I have been given.  What more could I ask for?

When we take a leap of faith and honor our truths and hunches, magic truly can occur.  Yes, stepping into the unknown can be a bit scary…but it can also be very liberating.  We just need to trust in our feelings as we step into the unknown.  I am reminded of a beautiful quote by Anais Nin where she said, “there came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Only you can determine which one of these two pains is greater. I do know that the pain that comes with breaking out and blossoming is quite sweeter and has much more hope associated with it.  For me…the pain in staying with the family business was much greater and I had to release it by leaving.

So I find myself once again wanting to open a new door.  I want to continue to make myself available to grow, expand my horizons and share my gifts.  Currently being single and having my son now make the transition to being an adult …I find myself with new options and a sense of freedom. You know we all are meant to share our gifts.  And that can happen in so many different ways.  But we need to put ourselves out there to make those connections to share.  And to put ourselves “out there” certainly doesn’t mean you have to move or quit your job either.  It simply means to make a commitment to yourself to grow, honor who you are and be open to cultivating and sharing your gifts.

So where will I end up?  I honestly don’t know the answer to that question quite yet. I do know that Reno has felt like my home for the last 4 years and I will be always grateful for the friendships that I have made, the natural beauty of the area and for the personal growth that I have gone through. I felt much supported here and know that many of the friendships that I cultivated in Reno will be for life.  I also know that I am open to anything and everything going forward.  It’s a great way to be…one never knows what just might be right around that next corner.

So as I move forward into this new chapter of my life, I will tap into the excitement of the unknown and also give thanks for what I have learned and where I have been.  This allows me to flow effortlessly going forward with no regrets and only positives in my back pocket.  You can certainly do the same thing as you move forward in your life.

Copyright G. Brian Benson 2012

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