As you begin to break out and live from your heart and follow your intution, you are going to start noticing that things will begin to fall into place for you and that many little “wins” will occur on your way to living out your goals and dreams.  I want to bring to your attention the importance of celebrating these “wins”.  When we begin to head down the path toward living out our dreams these “wins” and achievements are confirmation that we are going in the right direction!  That we ARE making things happen and will continue to do so.  By celebrating these events we are confirming to ourselves that we are on the right path and that we acknowledge and trust the information that we are receiving. 

Plus, we can build on the confidence that we are receiving from our “wins”, which will make it easier to take the next step in our desire to live out our dreams.  “Wins” breed confidence which helps us move forward and breed more “wins”. 

Celebrating ourselves and our accomplishments is a lot of fun and helps us build self-esteem.  You can never go wrong when you are honoring and loving yourself and the positive things you are doing.  How does one celebrate?  That is up to you.  Some people like to have a party.  Others might go to dinner at their favorite restaurant.   You could buy yourself flowers or go to a movie.  The list is endless.

I will admit that celebrating my “wins” wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do.  At times I can be a very driven and I felt that I should continue moving forward at “light speed” to make things happen.  Because of that, some of my “wins” weren’t celebrated like they should have been.  I workded hard on that though because I knew it was so important.  One of my favorite ways to celebrate is to take a walk and imagine that there are hundreds of balloons and banners hanging from the trees that I walk past all saying “Way to go Brian!”, or “Congratulations!”  It is almost like having my own private parade!  It doesn’t matter how you celebrate your “wins”, just do it!  It let’s the Universe know that you are open to more “wins” and celebrations on the way to living out your dreams!

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