So here we are at the end of another baseball season and a new World Series champion has been crowned.  Although I absolutely love the playoffs, this time of the year has always been a bit sad for me.  You see, I like baseball and let me tell you why.  It’s not the fresh air or highly skilled players, nor the smell of the grass and popcorn or its captivating history.  It’s not even the intellectual side of the game or the beautiful new architectural masterpieces that are called ballparks these days.   I like baseball because it is a timeless game.

 You see in baseball there are no clock, no 12 or 15 minute quarters and no halftime to speak of.  It is timeless and full of possibility, just like our lives.  Yes, there are 9 innings in a regulation game, but there are no rules that state how long those innings must go. 

If you are anything like me caught up in society’s drive to live your life by clocks and watches, marching from one task to another because of your schedule, you know and feel that it can weigh quite heavily on you.    It is hard not to fall into this trap.  Everything is based upon time in our lives.  What time we need to wake up at, get to work by, what time school starts/ends, when we need to pick up our kids, etc.  I think you get the picture.  We are slaves to time.  It is a subconscious pressure that is always nipping at our heels never really allowing us to be free. 

Baseball isn’t like that…baseball is on its own schedule.  When you are at a baseball game you are taking a timeout from your busy life; you aren’t looking at your watch or at a scoreboard that tells you how much time is left in the game.  In other words you are living in the present moment. 

Living in the present moment is the key to living a happy and fulfilled life.   The beauty of baseball is that it sits comfortably in the gap between the past and the future… there is no feeling guilty about the past and fearing the future at a baseball game.  Baseball allows us to focus on the here and now…baseball is timeless.  

So yes, I also enjoy the sunshine, the smell of grass and popcorn as well as the high level of play…but they are all just icing on the cake for me.  The real reason that I enjoy baseball is because I am able to forgot everything else in my life and just BE for the duration of the game.  Too bad they don’t play double headers anymore…

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