Have you ever really paid attention to what you pay attention to?  Are you in control of what you are feeding your mind?  Or in other words, what you tell yourself and what your course of action is and why?  Or are you just going through the motions and letting old tapes and habits determine the course you are on?  I like to call this “sleep walking through life.”

It is so important to be consciously aware of what your thoughts are.  It is so important to be aware of what you tell yourself and what you want your course of action to be.  Why?  Because the fact is, you control your own destiny.  If you don’t pay attention to what you are putting out there, then you leave yourself wide open to the whims and unbalanced nature of having indecisive thoughts or worse yet, letting others make choices for you. 

Most of you have heard the phrases “thoughts are things”, or “like attracts like.”  Well in the case of not paying attention to what you are thinking or saying to yourself you could be charting your course with indecisive, incorrect, unhealthy and possibly negative thoughts.  Is that how you want your future to unfold?  Probably not.  If you are thinking  negative or indecisive thoughts, then you will be potentially creating a negative or indecisive future. 

However, if you start to pay attention to what you are telling yourself or thinking, you have the ability to change those thoughts and negative self-talk and replace it with positive thoughts and positive self-talk.  You will then have the ability to create the life that you want and deserve.  By paying attention to what you are paying attention to, you can steer your ship in any direction that you want to.  Who wouldn’t want that?

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