When was the last time you grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns?  Or in other words taken action on a goal or dream of yours?  Yesterday?  Last month?  Last year?  Never?  If you fall into the last category don’t beat yourself up…you are not alone.  The beautiful thing is that it is never too late to take that long desired action.  What does it mean to take action?  Well for starters what is it that you want to create?  Do you want to be the number one salesperson at your job?  Do you want to write a book?  Do you want to eat better and begin an exercise program to increase your energy and lose weight?  Great, great and great!  It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as you KEEP MOVING FORWARD! 

Forward movement is the key to making our goals and dreams come true.  We all know how easy it can be to let what seems like a small thing sidetrack us and then have it morph into lost momentum and decreased energy toward our goal.  Don’t despair, you are not alone in having fallen into that frustrating and discouraging mode of inaction.  The easiest way to sidestep getting sidetracked is to just keep moving forward.  It is that easy!  I think where people run into problems is that they think their steps always need to be big…not true.  If you are always feeling like you need to be making huge forward movement toward your goal, of course you will run into momentum issues.  Things come up, life gets busy, we have  jobs, and we have families.  There will be times where you won’t be able to make those big forward movements that you would like to.  That’s ok…but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make little baby steps toward your goals while you are busy attending to other things.  I see too many people who truly believe in their goal and have what it takes to make it happen, get sidetracked because they didn’t keep moving forward.  And when we lose momentum, lose of focus usually follows.  Once you lose your focus it is much harder to get back on track.  You know what else happens when we lose momentum and focus?  We open the door for fear and doubt to come creeping in.  We definitely don’t want that to happen.  Although fear is an illusion, it is a force that we give power to and it holds us back and keeps us from moving forward.  It makes us begin to questions ourselves and operate from our mind instead of our heart and intuition.  So with all of that being said…keep moving forward please!  Baby step or giant step, it doesn’t matter…just keep progressing!  Before you know it, you will have made some significant headway into your project.  And that in itself will give you inspiration and you will begin to see light at the end of the tunnel! 

We are magnificent beings capable of achieving anything that we desire!  We have inside of us a reservoir filled with gifts, intelligence, desire and will that is at the ready to come forward when we begin to truly believe and follow our hearts.  I want you all to grab the bull by the horns, move forward in trust and accomplish your goals and dreams.  It is your true nature and birthright!

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