I was thinking recently about how hard I’ve been working and wondering if anything that I have been creating and involved in was going to pan out. It felt like I was continually spinning my wheels without any forward movement. And that got me down.

I then remembered all of the cool projects that I’ve been involved with over the course of the last year as well as the ones I am currently in the process of creating.  I had been working so diligently I wasn’t able to “see above the trees.” It was hard for me to see the bigger picture because I had multiple projects going and because most of them had an unknown future.

As my thoughts became more focused, I realized that I was totally operating on blind faith and trust. My profession requires a lot of this. Of course I hoped that the films I was involved in would get finished and turn out “special” and that my writing projects would be read and make a difference in the world.  But as I rode this “rollercoaster” of trust that’s provided me this grand adventure of twists, turns, loops, shutdowns and straight-ahead break neck speed, I realized that what I am basically doing is just planting seeds.

I also realized that some seeds I have planted are going to take a little longer than others to bloom and provide the fruits of my labor.  Believe me when I say I have more than one project that I started over five years ago that is finally coming into fruition.  It just needed a little extra time to grow.  Sometimes growth meant the “right” people needed to come along to provide some needed info, expertise or energy to my project.  Other times it was because I personally wasn’t ready in my own growth process to finish it. By giving it extra time to grow, the project became better and more evolved than I ever could have imagined simply because I allowed it to grow at its proper pace.

I truly believe I am starting to see the fruits of my labor.  In 2016, I have three feature films and three short films that I was involved in that will be released.  I have a small recurring part in a TV show that is beginning to find its legs.  I’m beginning work on a very exciting screenplay with a dear friend and award-winning writer.  I am in the process of writing another book that is unlike anything that I’ve written before as well as write a bi-monthly column for a brand new E magazine that will be offered in all Apple Stores. I initially forget about some of these projects because they were still in the growing phase.

Keep planting seeds.  Some may take a bit longer than others to bloom and that’s okay. Trust in YOUR process, believe in yourself and stay in the present moment while you are creating.  You will be rewarded with a beautiful garden.

Copyright G. Brian Benson 2016

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