How many times have you had something rolling around in your head that was bothering you?  It is a very common occurence and it can affect your moods, your productivity at work, and even your sleep.  Maybe this thing rolling around in your head was a misunderstanding you had with another person.  Maybe you have a presentation coming up at your job, or a test on the horizon at school.  It doesn’t really matter what, just that it was keeping you from being present and centered.

My advice to you is to write down what is bothering you on a piece of paper or in a journal.  Let it go!  By writing down what is bothering you, you are essentially identifying your problem.  And by identifying your problem, you are able release it from your mind and hopefully that will stop the nagging, sometimes debilitating, effects of what is bothering you.  I realize it doesn’t solve what you are dealing with, but by confronting it and identifying it, you are putting it front and center and accepting it!  This can be a big relief to your mental makeup.  And by writing it down, you no longer have to let it wriggle around in your head, and it allows you to move on and relax.  Let the piece of paper deal with the worry! 

Looking back through the years there were many times that I would have gained some peace of mind having used this bit of advice.  But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I begin to implement it’s wisdom; I am so glad I did.  It not only helps us rest and relax more but it also helps us become more self aware.  And who couldn’t use some more self-awareness?  I believe self awareness is the key to really begin to live a more balanced, centered life where we can begin to make proactive choices rather than reactive choices.  Where we can focus on making choices because we want to, not because we have to.  What do you think?

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