Be yourself to free yourself…it really is as simple as it sounds.  For us to be truly free in our lives, I mean truly free, we need to be our authentic selves.  It means not comparing yourself to or wishing you were someone else.  It means you aren’t trying to be or act like someone else.  It means you aren’t living your life based on someone else’s wishes or influence.   Although in some parts of my life I was being truly authentic, I didn’t step into who I was fully until after I left the family business and followed my heart into writing and filmmaking; creating positive, inspirational messages to share.

What “be yourself to free yourself” means is that you accept who you are and your capabilities.  It also means you are open to learning about yourself as well as tapping into and sharing your gifts.  “Be yourself to free yourself” is holding your intentions in your heart, while having an open mind and no expectations of how you are going to reach those intentions.  It also means that you find balance in your life and treat yourself with respect.  It’s honoring your goals and dreams and not being afraid to step outside of your comfort zone to reach them.  It also means that your light is shining very bright as you move through your authentic, fulfilled life because you are aligning with your true self. 

Where are some areas of your life that you aren’t being truthfully authentic with yourself?

Please, please, please…be yourself to free yourself!

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