OK…So Now I Have Cancer

OK…So Now I Have Cancer

Ok…So Now I Have Cancer It’s been 3 weeks now since I got the diagnosis.  A few short days before Christmas to be exact.  It still feels quite surreal.  After revolving between being strong, self-deprecating and emotional with my son, father and a dear friend via...
Great News!

Great News!

I wanted to share with you some really exciting news that I received recently about my new book “Habits For Success – Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar.” I have always been very proud of how this book turned out and to find out that it was recognized...

That “One Thing”

Through the years, I have had the tendency to be pulled of my path in thinking that “one thing” was the answer to my happiness. It could have come in the form of a woman (relationship), job, pull of the slot machine handle to cure my financial woes or to cross the...

Art Imitating Life

While sitting in acting class today watching a couple of my fellow students perform an exercise; I had one of those little epiphanies that pop up from time to time that really put me at ease and gave me comfort.  Up to that point, in my mind I had felt like I had a...

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